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Instructions to Authors

Normal template and Instructions for article presentation

First Call for Papers

The publications in the VI CIRMARE will be made in the article management site EasyChair.

Upon accessing the site, the user must register or login, if he has already registered, in order to submit his article, following the instructions provided in the template for article preparation below:


Dear Authors.

The Organizing Committee agreed to publish the proceedings of CIRMARE2023 in the series “
Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering
” / Springer, indexed Scopus Q4 and JCR Q4, with no further financial burden for the authors. In this case the paper must be written in English, follow the provided paper template, attach the signed copyright, and will be evaluated only by members of the Congress Scientific Committee, in blind review.

More information at

Also, it has already been agreed to publish a special issue for a selected set of articles in the magazine “
“indexed in Web of Science and Scopus. In this case the article must be written in English and after being reviewed and accepted by our Scientific Committee of CIRMARE, it will still be submitted on the web platform of the journal, for further review by the journal and there will be a payment of the publication fee, with the discount negotiated by us. (The journal is indexed – Q2 WOS; Q1/Q2 JCR). These items will not appear in the minutes mentioned above.

More information at

Another expected opportunity is the publication of a selected set of articles written in Portuguese or Spanish in the journals ”Gestâo & Gerenciamento“,Boletim do Gerenciamento” e “Building“.

Finally, we are evaluating the possibility of identifying a Spanish language journal where a special issue with selected articles could be published and we will also accept suggestions regarding this intention.

Papers not considered in the previous options will be published on the Congress website.

The different possibilities of publication will be available in the EasyChair platform for submission of papers in CIRMARE2023, being up to the authors to indicate the chosen option/options.

We will soon give you more information.